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A container for all the other printing components.
QuickRep without any of the database code and dependencies.
This is the detail band in a master/detail relationship.
The loopband will print as many times as indicated by its LoopCount property.
This is the detail band in a master/detail relationship.
A cousin of the little-used TShape control from Delphi’s ‘Additional’ palette.
A generic band type.
Use TQRChildBand objects when you need to extend an existing band.
A band that prints whenever an expression changes, usually a database field.
Place some static text on the page..
Display the contents of a linked database field
Use this to display the result of an arithmetic expression.
Displays ‘system data’, like the current page number, date, time.
Use this to display multiple lines of text.
A composite of TQRExpr and TQRMemo.
This is similar to the TQRLabel but will display formated rich text.
As you’d expect, this is a data-aware version of TQRRichText.
Display a picture or logo on a report using this control.
Displaying images stored in BLOBs.
Allows the creation of a customizable runtime report preview.
Allows many reports to be combined into a single document.
Enables reports to be exported to comma-separated (CSV) text files.
Control the aspect ratio of the printed image.
Control the aspect ratio of the printed image.
Retrieve data from any source(s) to drive a report.
Export reports to ASCII text files.
Export reports to comma-separated (CSV) text files.
Exports text, pictures and graphics to PDF.
Produces an XML format document from a report.
Exports the report to an HTML file.
Exports unformatted data into Excel spreadsheets (text only)
Exports to RTF version 1.5 spec.
Allows the construction of a basic end-user designer.
Quickreport Pro 5.06 only
TQRPreviewController Sets the standard and XML preview form parameters.
TQRMetricLabel Precision text printing.
TQRGraphicCanvas Printing and drawing direct to the page.
Not required or present in unicode versions
Like TQRLabel but has a widestring caption property.
Like TQRBDText but allows widestring data from a database field.
A multiline static text control like TQRMemo with widestring content.
Quickreport Pro 6 only
Displays text on a background
Content container
Combines an input and a button for page selection
Hides or reveals areas on the form
Text input control and label text
Checkbox and label text
Combines an input, label and button for text searching
Combines buttons and and a frame into a tabbed page
Dropdown list with fixed content.
Main or sub menu control which has menu option children
Option buttons which belong to a menu
Shows headline content which expands on click/tap
This control is drawn by code inserted at design time
Combines a button, an input and frames to index content
Combines controls to get pages from hidden content
Shows an image. A label with a background image also does
Combines control to allow content to be cross tabulated
Shows dates and times. Updateable at intervals.
An IDE assistant that shares style attributes.