Quickreport 64-bit Documentation

This document explains how to use the 64-bit capable version of QuickReport 6 for Delphi XE2.

1. The IDE is a 32-bit application.

Application development can be in 32-bit or 64-bit mode and the usual QuickReport components will be on the palette. When a project is
set for 64-bit then the compilation of the source is changed and linking is done with the 64-bit dcu's and dcp files provided.
So there is no 64-bit design-time library required.

2. Differences with the previous version.

All references to the TTable and TQuery classes have been removed because they require the 32-bit Borland Database Engine.
Any third-party dataset that is descended from Data.DB.TDataset may be used. The QRAbsTable is provided which means
that connection may be made to any data source without losing any of the features of database driven reports.
The sample code code provided uses TQRAbsTable.

3. File Distribution.

Previous installations of QR for Delphi XE2 must be removed before installing this version. There is an uninstaller called 'unins000.exe' in the source directory.

The default QR6 directory is

c:\program files(x86)\QuickReport\<RAD Version>\

but the installer allows a choice of location. This directory holds the source.
The installation directory is referred to as {QR6} below. The root of the RAD Studio\9.0 installation is {RS9}.

Files required for linking are distributed into the existing Lib subdirectories



Backups of the libraries are placed in four subdirectories below the installation directory.



4. Sample code

A sample application with reports using the abstract table and the onNeedData event is placed in {QR6}/sample.

5. Useful Links

These sites have information about converting code for the 64-bit platform.

Converting 32-bit Delphi Applications

64-bit Components ?

and the Embarcadero developers forum

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