Adding formless QuickReports to the IDE menus.

The package described below is available here >>

To use formless reports and add them to the repository, follow these instructions –

1. Create a new package, give it a new name
2. Add that is requires QR4StdDesD2006.dcp or QR4DesignD2006.dcp (change ‘2006’ to ‘2007’ for BDS 5.0)
3. Add a new unit, see below
4. In project manager right click on the package and click install.

Formless report created with earlier versions will now work in the IDE.

To add the template to the repository – open the formless template and right click on it.
Choose ‘Add to Repository’.


---------------------------- new unit code --------------- 
unit ICTestCustomModule;
uses QuickRpt;
procedure Register;
uses DesignIntf, DesignEditors;
procedure Register;
  RegisterCustomModule(TQuickRep, TCustomModule);
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