Information about the support service

Please read important installation instructions here BEFORE you install any version of Quickreport.

There is no support for quick report. Please contact us for the source code

There are a number of DIY fixes listed here. These apply to versions dating back to 3.62. Most of the issues there are fixed in later versions.

Information about building libraries
Further technical info
Software Download
Buy a copy

Important Advice for Supportees

The support staff are spending too much time mailing people for information that should have been included in the first request.
You should follow this pro-forma or you may go to the back of the queue.

SUBJECT : Version/Platform/[here put a very short description of the problem]

Example : 'QR6.00/Delphi XE5/error when compiling'


QR Version : QRX.XX ( with upgrades YYYY)
Operating System : Win2K, XP etc

[ repeat the above in EVERY email, either top or bottom ]

Description of problem : keep it as short as possible. Include make and model of other
software or hardware involved.

Don’t be concerned if your English is not perfect, we will do our best to communicate.
Advice on style :
1. Never ask ‘why’. We are not philosophers.
2. Do not use phrases like ‘xxx does not work’. We know that or you wouldn’t have mailed, would you ?
3. Tell us what you saw and what you expected to see.

Please send QuickReport support emails to [email protected]

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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