3rd party add on products and free QuickReport 2 related files developed by QuickReport users. Questions regarding these files should be placed to the respective authors.
Filename Filesize Date Description
QRCB6.ZIP 15 kb 2001-09-24 *NEW* Printable CheckBox and DBCheckBox components. Freeware with source (based on example code) by Paul Doland
filtrdem.ZIP 410 kb 2001-02-06 Jim Waler’s PDF export for QuickReport. From http://www.waler.com/
43ARTIST.ZIP 1199 kb 1998-12-18 QReport Artist 3.0.3. Developer and end user report desing tool based on QuickReport 3. IDE is as Delphi 4, mailing label support, drag and drop, report wizard and much more. This is a Delphi 4 version.
BARNOSRC.ZIP 125 kb 1998-02-12 Barcode Component version 2 from MountainTop Systems. Free version. Source can be purchased for $30
MLRSP30S.ZIP 218 kb 1997-11-17 MLRSP 3.0, Multilingual Resource String Patcher. VCL localisation tool with support for QuickReport. Shareware by AIT GmbH
PowerPack 432 kb 2000-04-14 Quickreport 2+3 PowerPack: includes components to automatically generate a Quickreport from a TDBGrid, TwwDBGrid or TStringGrid; 8 enhanced and 3 new Quickreport components (print rotated text, checkboxes, auto-stretch shapes with bands and much more), a new report expert and 25 new functions for QuickReport’s expression parser. Shareware by THSD
Quickreport Export (PsQRFilters) 0 kb 2000-11-06 WYSIWYG Export Filters for QuickReport! Just drop one component onto your report form and give your application users the choice of exporting reports to HTML, PDF, RTF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF. Download trial versions from Gnostice
QRANGLBL.ZIP 5 kb 1997-08-29 TQRAngledLabel component for writing rotated text. Freeware with source by Francisco Maia Goncalves Neto
QRDesign 1266 kb 2000-04-14 QRDesign is an end-user report designer that is based on QuickReport. Trial versions and product information can be found at the Timo Hartmann Software Development
TeeChart 1745 kb 1997-03-22 TeeChart 3.0, powerfull QuickReport compatible charting package by TeeMach SL. TeeChart is the native charting solution included with Delphi 3!
0 kb 2000-09-04 TExtraFilters is a collection of export filters which allow you to save reports in standard file formats such as BMP, JPEG, PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML, and CSS2. From http://www.waler.com/


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