Quickreport 6 Build 28 – Version Changes

 In Version Release

Changes in Quickreport 6 build 28 – 5th July 2019

This build rolls up a number of enhancements and fixes.


1. Scrolling in the standard preview has been enhanced.

2. The Microsoft xlsx spreadsheet export filter has been enhanced to allow blank columns to be inserted. Also an option to use automatic column allocation has been added as an alternative to using the ‘xlColumn’ property.

3. The TQRPGrid component is enhanced so it can print over many pages to display data from datasets or other sources.

4. Right-justified text backgrounds have two modes selected by an option.

5. The main QR6 chm help system which is distributed with Quickreport has been updated. It is also available through the web.

6. The progress indicator for reports where the record count of the data is unknown may optionally use a given substitute value.


7. Default save type from preview works if no extension on file name is entered by the user. The type now defaults correctly to the preferred setting.

8. Some printer setting problems have been resolved.

9. Printing in Citrix is now problem free.

10. Composite reports in the Standard previewer cancel properly.

Details are in the document ‘QR6-Build-28-release-notes.txt‘.

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